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Good evening, and welcome to the third episode of LiveJournal Masterpiece Theatre. This presentation will be for Cheretien de Troyes' Knight of the Lion. Enjoy.

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This concludes our presentation of the Knight of the Lion. We hope that you have enjoyed yourself. Thank you, and goodnight.


(I'm totally copying and pasting Rachel's intro and ending text, but that came from the original MPT, so it's totally fair.) Good evening (I used to say that to customers on their way out all the time when I worked retail, cause I was always on the evening shift, and my idiot coworkers were always like, "Isn't that supposed to be like a greeting or something" or "That's like, what Dracula says" - sorry for having some class, guys), and welcome to the second first Guest episode of LiveJournal Masterpiece Theatre. This presentation will be for Jane Eyre A Journey to the Center of the Earth. Enjoy. Enjoy.

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This concludes the Guest presentation of LiveJournal Masterpiece Theatre. Thank you, and goodnight.

(Note, this was originally written as like the 10th entry, so any original humor or memes present were probably introduced by Rachel first. My humor is almost exclusively derivative.)


Good evening, and welcome to the second episode of LiveJournal Masterpiece Theatre. This presentation will be for Jane Eyre. Enjoy.

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This concludes the presentation of LiveJournal Masterpiece Theatre. Thank you, and goodnight.


Good evening, and welcome to the series LiveJournal Masterpiece Theatre. In our first episode we will have a presentation of Pride and Prejudice. Sit back, and enjoy.

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You have just experienced the first episode of LiveJournal Masterpiece Theatre. Thank you, and goodnight.


Eternity: Issue Two

The room was dark except for the light blazing from the screen of the phone which was accompanied by a line of song repeating over and over. “A shadow is cast wherever he stands/ Stacks of green paper in his red right hand.” Solyn groans audibly and fumbles for the phone, inadvertently pushing it away with each grab. By the time she actually has hold of it, she realizes she halfway off the bed. “Oh crap….”
An arm wraps around her waist and hauls her back. Bill yawns and places his head next to her neck sleepily. “Got ya.” He yawns again. “Who’s callin’ this early?”
“Mmmm…Black,” she murmurs sleepily, snuggling against him. She flips the phone open with as she yawns audibly. “Hello?”Read more...Collapse )

Saidorn: Progress Marches On

The Duke coughed and tried waving the dust away from his face in the wake of the explosion.

"It's certainly impressive..."

"And cheap!" said the guildmaster, grinning. "Not this first run, of course, but once we get production going, a pound of this powder would be cheaper than a soldier's sword."

"And that's enough for one blast like this?" asked the Duke, gesturing to the large hole in the guild's rear wall and crumbling stones from the city wall behind it. The latter point worried him more than the former. Those walls dated from the Trollwars, and to his knowledge had only been damaged three times in the city's history. Granted, they were far stronger outside than in, but still...

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(Short bit of history set in my D&D setting - an old troll shares his knowledge of the history of the humans lands. Not really intended to stand alone, this will eventually be included in Saidorn's setting material.)

Saidorn: The History Of Men In The Memories Of The Blind Ones

"This is a story nearly forgotten by even the old races, because it's origins are lost in war. The earliest days of the human lands began when they fled our cities, which we tore apart around us in our madness. Seeking the open lands to the west, there they founded great kingdoms in the Northern plains. These places are now known as the Wildlands, for nothing remains there. However, to the South, there was a vast kingdom in the sands. Now this place is called Arnaulith, and it is still the same now as it was then - alone and wishing to remain so.

"Having spent so many years distant from their kin, the people of the sands would no longer tolerate others of their race, and the kingdom in the sands began a great war with those of the plains. These wars continued for generations, until, in a small, neutral land between the sands and the plains, the seeds of a great catastrophe were sown.
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Eternity: Anonymity ~ Issue One

Eternity:  Anonymity


Issue One


“So what did we learn today?”  The man seated next to her leaned back against the window to see her better.  His pin-striped suit jacket hung open and his tie was loose around his neck.  He had done that almost as soon as he had gotten into the car.  His fedora and sunglasses sat on the ledge behind them.  His current project was unbuttoning the first few buttons from the white collared shirt that he wore beneath the jacket and pulling it slightly loose.  He was the image of a rich college boy on his way to some party.

            She sighed and pulled out a notebook.  “Pretty much more of the same, Black.  They want you out of the picture.”

“Besides that, Solyn.  That’s old news.”  He waved his hand dismissively.

“It’s not my fault you can’t direct the conversation to something I can work with.”

“Consider it a challenge.  Like those puzzle boxes I gave you.”  He grinned as she scowled.

“I should have just broken that damn box each time.”

“And where would the fun in that have been?  Besides, I would have just replaced them.  Like I did the one you set on fire.”  He leaned forward and tapped on the small window that separated them from the front.  It rolled down a touch.  “Stop here, Frost.   They don’t have full coverage here.”  The window rolled up silently.Read more...Collapse )


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